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Have you ever tried to sign a credit card receipt with a pen that just did not want to write on it? Or had your pen stop working in the winter cold? Or tried to write on a vertical surface and gotten nothing after the first few letters?

There is a simple solution to all of these problems: Fisher Pressurized Pen Cartridges.

Regular ballpoint pen cartridges are fed by gravity and must remain at least generally somewhat upright to function. The ink they use is not sufficiently viscous to bond with surfaces that do not easily absorb liquids.

Fisher is known for inventing the "space pen" that was used by NASA astronauts. Fisher's cartridges are fed by pressurized nitrogen pushing behind the ink. This also allows them to use a more viscous ink which will bond to a wide range of surfaces. Fisher ballpoints will write upside down, under water, at extreme temperatures and on wet, waxy, or greasy surfaces. Fisher cartridges just write.

I realize that most pens these days are designed to throw away, not refill. You will need a pen that can accept refills to use these cartridges, but almost any kind will do. Fisher makes three types of refills that cover all of the most common designs.

Pens that use the familiar long and thin ballpoint cartridge can accept a Fisher Pressurized Universal Refill. These come with two sections that can be easily removed to fit shorter pens, including multi-pens that fit several different cartridges into the one pen.

Fisher Universal Cartridge

Fisher's native cartridge design (known as the PR4) fits their own pens and is also popular with other manufacturers. By adding a small plastic adapter (that is usually packaged with PR4 cartridges) they will fit Parker pens too. And many other companies design their pens around Parker refills.

Fisher PR4 Cartridge

Finally, Fisher makes a pressurized cartridge designed to fit the pens made by A.T. Cross.

Fisher Cross Cartridge

If you don't already have an appropriate pen think about buying a classic Fisher Bullet Pen. They're compact, reliable, and available in dozens of colors and finishes.

Fisher Bullet Pen

I have Fisher cartridges in almost every pen I own.
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