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I have discovered what I suspect is the smallest possible vehicle charger for USB devices, the Amzer Atomic USB Vehicle Power Charger.

I bought one of them on spec and was impressed enough to have picked up several more. It works in every car socket I have tried, both lighter-type and power-type. It puts out a full 1000mA, so it works with iPhones, Droids, and other high-demand devices. And it is insanely small.

I carry one in a spare coin purse, along with an Apple Ultracompact USB AC Charger.

The two chargers, plus a small retractable cable, guarantee that I can charge my phone or my bluetooth headset just about anywhere. The whole kit will fit in a regular pocket, although mine rides in a cargo pocket along with some other gear.

The only problem I had with the vehicle charger turned out to be user error. I had trouble getting it to work with power-type vehicle outlets at first because the contact springs are fairly stiff and I wasn't pushing hard enough. A bit of extra force popped it all the way into the socket and everything worked perfectly.
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